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Technical Due Dilligence

Technical Due Dilligence involves:

  • Centralizing and analyzing project design documents and identifying anything incomplete or absent;
  • Participating in meetings with the client and specialized professionals involved in project optimization and setting the priorities in design and execution;
  • Following the client’s requests and needs, agreeing on the deadlines, and facilitating the communication between designers and clients;
  • Monitoring the process of obtaining urban plans, planning certificates, approvals and construction permits;
  • Reviewing the solutions proposed in the project from an economic perspective and proposing possible optimizations;
  • Developing progress status reports and informing the client;
  • Identifying all activities and establishing their succession by creating an overall execution plan.

Prior to purchase

Our tasks are to evaluate and report the condition of a property prior to purchase, including a detailed analysis of the situation of structure, finishing’s, electrical and mechanical installations, highlighting the defects. The report contains solutions of remedial works and involved cost and proposals for improvement.


Tailored technical services

Observing needs in construction sector, more precise the need of specialists in the field with enough experience and motivated, we found opportune to offer tailored technical services for every need in the real estate market. You can rely on our team members expertise to every particular technical issue it might occur.