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Project Management

Project Management consists in the ability to coordinate human, material and financial resources throughout the duration and execution of a project, with the final goal of achieving the project objectives and 100% customer satisfaction.

We always follow our clients’ requests and needs as well as project quality, work evolution, budget progress, activities planning, activities coordination, material and services acquisition, as well as issuing status reports to help the client in the decision making process.

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Project Monitoring

  • Monitoring the evolution of construction to determine if the project is going according to the initial schedule.
  • Informing and consulting with all the stakeholders involved before the actual execution of the essential stages of the project, for the best decision making process.
  • Issuing progress status reports, including planning and budget changes.
  • Reviewing the execution graphics and controlling the quality procedures involved.
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Construction Management

Construction Management involves the coordination and planning of all the stages of execution, material suppliers and all other specialists involved in the project. This activity supports project management by closely following compliance with the schedule of execution and deliverables, and issuing periodic status reports related to the progress of the construction.

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Construction Planning

Construction Planning represents the biggest responsibility in project management, since each project needs to be individually approached. This activity follows planning and execution throughout the entire project, being alert to and dealing with all the variations that may occur.

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Quality Control

Quality Control consists of periodic checking of the work executed, as well as work to be done and materials to be used. All these activities need to be in accordance and compliance with the standards of the project.