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Cost Management

Cost Management has the main objective of maintaining the project within the allocated budget. This is done by working closely with the project’s stakeholders, engineers and designers, using a strategy to optimize costs and applying a “money saving attitude”.


Project Budgeting

Project Budgeting is part of Cost Management and it shows the necessary finances to be provided in order to successfully finish the project. This is the base of all analysis, projections and planning activities.


Cost Planning & Cash Flow Estimation

Cost Planning & Cash Flow Estimation allocates to each planned activity a certain budget as well as setting the financial expectations of the entire project by offering a clear picture from beginning to end. Constant checking of the work and possible changes in the project are also part of this service.

Contract & Acquisition Management

Contract & Acquisition Management identifies potential services or material suppliers, to evaluate and select them in order to organize an auction with the goal of obtaining the best conditions and prices for our client.

Following selection, the next step is negotiating the terms of the collaboration, signing contacts, issuing orders based on acquisition graphics received and tracking the project’s deadline sheets.