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Project Management

Project Management consists in the ability to coordinate human, material and financial resources throughout the duration and execution of a project, with the final goal of achieving the project objectives and 100% customer satisfaction.

Cost Management

Cost Management is mainly focused on keeping costs in budget allocated to the project, working closely with and engineers involved in the project to identify ways for optimizing costs.


Fit Out Management

Fit Out Management Service is in charge of planning the office space, taking into account the number of employees, their space distribution and the requirements in terms of space efficiency and future development costs.

Technical Due Dilligence

It handles the adherence to construction norms and standards, design coordination, details to handle in execution starting from workmanship and ending with the materials used, review of utility services, permits and authorizations.

Site Inspection

Site Inspection/Supervision involves checking the quality of the materials and products used during execution as well as the correct execution of the works according to the legal standards and norms that apply.


We successfully combine architecture with engineering, technical knowledge and end – consumer insights, providing full architectural design services covering all project stages from concept to completion.

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